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Rug Selection

Area Rug Appraisal At City of Rugs

City of Rugs is proud to offer our experience and certification if you want to obtain a professional appraisal of your cherished Persian, Oriental or other wool or silk rug.​

We have a Certified Oriental Rug Appraiser, who will accurately appraise your antique and vintage rug and will provide information about the value, age and origin of your investment.

Custom Design

Our custom rug service allows us to offer the highest quality hand knotted rugs made to your specifications.

Come in and select from our extensive collection of custom patterns, tell us the exact size, shape and colors, and choose from a wide range of materials like Tibetan wool, hemp, linen, Chinese silk, bamboo, banana or corn fibers and many more.

For those who want to create their own unique style, custom design rugs are the finest option available.

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Recognize The Rug

Recognize Rug: Decide the beginning, age, and style of the rugby inspecting its plan, materials, and winding around procedure.

Decide Rug Type

Sort the mat into its separate kind or style, like Persian, Oriental, Navajo, or Kilim.

Knot Analyzation

 Count the quantity of  knot per square inch to decide the knot density, which can influence the worth of the rug and rug quilty.

Assess Rug Condition

Assess the condition of the rug, looking for signs of wear, defacement, or renovation.

Think About Fiber Materiel

 Recognize the materials used to make the  rug, like fleece, silk, or cotton, and assess their quality.

Market Value

 Exploration the current market value of same kinder rugs and compare them to the rug being appraised.

Rug Appraisal Procedure
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